Al-Waleed Stone

Co. Profile

Our Vision

Supply of holy stones with a special touch, rising from within the soul of all holy stones, along with sustaining the quality and offering them over the long run.

Our Mission

Making the holy lands' stones available for all segments of society with high quality, the best prices and the privacy of that lands.



Al-Waleed Stone Manufacturing and Marketing

The company was establishment in 1991 based on its specialized administrative regulation in the stone field which gets back to the family that took up and inherited the specialization of extracting and manufacturing stones since ancient time. A collection of long experiences, which in its practical age exceeds hundreds of years, were smelted together to reach a clear aim of bringing the holy stones to all segments of society in all local and international markets with distinction and proficiency meeting all the needs and expectations of everybody.


Al-Waleed Stone own seven private quarries, located in the Middle East distributed all around geographical locators in the holy lands With these available resources, spread over many acres, company is qualified to continue to produce the required quantities of stone and marble of all types and size to satisfy the needs of all markets.


Al-Waleed Stone Factory is one of the largest factory and most keep up with the stone technology in the Middle East.

   Factory Information

Factory Area

More than 4 acres

No. of Employee

75 employee

Holy Lands Stone

Once we mention the holy lands, each of us think of what connects him/her to this magical place either morally or religiously.  Each of us wish to own a part of these holy lands to keep that spiritual, religious and moral connection. Since the lands are full of extracted holy stones, everyone wants to constitute his structure from these stones to increase the depth of connection that always moves us to the holy lands.

  Features the holy land stones:

  • Available in large quantities